In our troubled times, many people believe that the world is irreparably broken, with wars raging from Manila’s streets to Aleppo’s ashen skies, the world seems darker and less hopeful than ever before. That is why Model United Nations is so critical to the world today. By engaging young people in debate and discourse about the world and its problems, Model UN helps to strive for a better tomorrow—and a brighter future for the human race.

Its my profound great honor to announce that the second annual Educational Model United Nations will be held at Sherwood Forest Elementary on October 29th 2016, more information about our seminars can be found here, while our schedule can be found here.

From our advanced debate seminar, expertly designed to incorporate a wide variety of debate styles, to our ROP 101 seminar for those just getting started in the MUN world, we’ve tried to make something for everyone. EDUMUN is a truly 21st century training conference, incorporating a variety of media throughout our seminars to provide the best learning for our delegates.

When I first wandered into my school’s Model UN club as a befuddled freshman, looking for Debate’s first meeting, I had little idea what I was getting into. That confused underclassman certainly didn’t foresee the dozen conventions, many friends and life’s passion I would gain from joining Model UN. I can say without a doubt that my joining MUN has made me into a smarter, happier, and better person.

So for the many of you who are just starting your voyage into MUN, and those of you who are already experienced wayfarers, it is my sincere honor to welcome you to the second annual Educational Model United Nations, and the 2016-2017 PNW Model UN Circuit.







Arun Solanky